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and i know that it's early

okay this is for those who've been having trouble with their codes :) hope it helps! and by the way, this is for s1. i don't know about s2, sorry!

Go to the CUSTOMIZE page.
1.       On the "Select a New Theme" section, type the name of your style in the search box on the right.

2.       Choose the theme you need. If no theme is listed, choose any one. Save.

3.       In the "Current Theme" box, choose "Customize your theme".

4.       In the sidebar, choose "Custom CSS".

5.       Paste your codes into the "Custom Stylesheet" box.

6.       on the custom css page, where you dropped your codes, there is a line that says:

Use layout's stylesheet(s)
Disable this only if you want to re-style this layout completely from scratch using a custom stylesheet.

You want to change that to no.
7.       Make any needed changes. Save.
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